Oh, for the old Fargo

Funny the things you remember from your childhood.

We had a picture of an old truck of my father’s, taken around 1959. A rabbit stands in the backyard of a Saskatoon house. The Fargo truck reflects light off the snow.

At least that’s how I remember it.

Then, maybe a decade ago – almost – my parents were having their 50th Anniversary. As a family we were on an island, at a retreat centre, celebrating. We drove the island roads, which were not many. On one sideroad, there was another Fargo truck. Mom and dad posed by the front grill, leaning on the truck bumper. That picture sits framed in our front hallway.

So, to my surprise, as our local pastor’s network retreated in Herschel, there was another Fargo truck. If you’ve never seen one, look below. There is something about the cab of the truck that still intrigues me years later. Maybe this is a style that could return without too much problem!!

fargo truck

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