When least expected

Recently I was sitting with my father.  We were chatting about life.  In general and specific.

As I listened to some difficult experiences, I suddenly became rather emotional.  Now, I’m not one to let on. And perhaps my father didn’t notice.

But I noticed.  It was unexpected. . . definitely uncalled from my emotional memory banks.  I’m still processing this and other emotions that have surfaced to the light in the last while.  This is unlike the emotions that came in surgery recovery.  Those were uncontrolled – other than as the side effect of drugs.

Now, these emotions are related to events, and people, and things that rightly deserve notice.  But now the notice is deeper than previously.  In the past excess emotion has scared me.  This is not of that sort – I sense a peace with these feelings.  And as I say, I’m still processing this – and I sense leaning into another day will not hurt.

So, for this day – may you also sense peace and protection.  May God’s presence somehow overtake you when you least expect.  And may you continue on to understand the fear of God that leads to great wisdom and understanding.

One thought on “When least expected

  1. Hi Ron, I’m sorry to read of your sad experience and appreciate your thoughtful sentiments. But for me, I’m hoping to understand that the love of God will lead me to great wisdom and understanding before any kind of fear invades me.

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