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There are unexpected days, and some days that contain the unexpected.  Yesterday we were on our way to Prince Albert to visit our daughter overnight.  We had been a number of months since we had seen her and the family.

Part way there we phoned to left our daughter know when we would arrive.  She told us of a call she had received.  Someone had phoned and mentioned their father had died.  Could I phone as soon as I arrived.  She did not have the phone number readily available, so we would get it when we arrived in Prince Albert.

Both my wife, Jill, and I guessed three different men who would fit the bill.  When we phoned upon arriving in Prince Albert, confirmation was given that this was one of the men — Sheldon Elliott.  He was a gracious man, and love wordworking.  In fact, I have some of his oak wood in my garage, given to me when they moved to Swift Current last year.  The funeral will be on Monday at 2:00 with the former pastor, Bruce Dirk, providing the funeral message.  I’ll do the, songleading and scripture reading.  This is a family I have had ties with for well over 30 years.  Their daughter and her husband were my youth sponsors in Grade 11.  This will be enjoyable in the midst of sorrow and mourning!

Upon arrival back in Kindersley today we stopped at the post office.  I wanted to check out Sheldon’s funeral notice (a small town tradition -  posting funeral notices at the post office!).  While there I looked and saw another notice.  A lady who had affiliation with our church had passed away on Thursday.  I had visited her a few weeks ago.  Her cancer had been progressing so the death was no surprise.  I phoned the family and expressed my condolences.  That funeral will be on Tuesday and officiated by her son, Dennis Punter.  Her name was Effie Punter. 

I’ve told Jill I’d better not take any more days off.  They are just way too busy!!

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