A second funeral

Today we (the good wife and I) headed 30 minutes south of town for another funeral.  Effie was a new face to us three years ago.  We spent some time with her at the Heritage Manor.  The visits always included questions about ourselves and what we were up to.  We would ask her state of affairs, but she always tempered her answers with gracious words, even if there was obvious pain and suffering.

Effie’s son, Dennis, led a service of remembrance.  I was called on to provide a final prayer.  Then, around tables (for that was the setting for the meeting) we got to meet some new acquaintances.  People from the local area.  Nunweiler, Becker, Lindemann.  All good German names of families from generations back.

Just before the service we popped in to the local seniors manor.  One of  our friends now resides there.  Doreen visited with us and then took us for a tour of the facility.  We were royally introduced as her pastor.  As we left, she hugged and kissed us (OK, she kissed my wife).

These are times of remembrance.  Of memories of the past, and of the present and for the future. 

Another day awaits me tomorrow.  Who knows what that will bring?

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