Linking the links

For some time now I’ve stayed away from a lot of web surfing. By websurfing, I mean that constant going from one site to another, idly looking for something new.

I’ve been less and less excited about finding that “something new”. I guess we often go to others for creative thoughts — and that is good. But too often others’ creativity becomes a crutch. Soon there is indeed nothing new under the sun – at least in your own small part of the world.

On the other hand, when you only look to yourself the pickings become fairly slim. You tend to repeat what you already know, maybe a little bit more sophisticated but without a freshness.

Let me add another dimension. That’s what I call the God thing — or as some would say, a thing of “the creator who is the essence of creativity”. Sometimes we encounter a new thought or idea that seems to come from outside of ourselves. And probably it does. Those are true “ah-ha” moments.

Now, the question is to discern when those thoughts are good and when they are less than profitable, loving and caring. Which brings me to the need to understand and to know God. Then creativity will not be blocked, but rather stimulated.

Returning us to the big question of life — how do we know God? Which question, believe it or not, is the question behind the question of my current approach to websurfing!

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