Why I love this life!

As a pastor there are few days that are finer!! 

Today was in the mid 20’s Celcius, clear sky and pool water.   Curtis and Rachel Kornelson’s told us of their journeys to God.  Their model, that didn’t skip the realities of life but came to the place of God in it all, was inspiring.  

Then we put them into the water and under they went.  Baptism – a sign of death to the way they would like to do things — and in rising out of the water, coming to life with Jesus to do things His way.

I’d do this again next week!!  Any takers??

Curtis baptism june 22, 2008

rachel baptism june 28, 2008

One thought on “Why I love this life!

  1. I love baptisms because they serve as a reminder of all that Jesus did for us and give us a glimpse of What the Lord has done in someone’s life which in turn restores memories of what the Lord has done in my life

    Blessings to all who take the step


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