The grass is green!

I am sitting at my sister’s house in Rosetown writing this post.

I’ve just been outside cutting their grass.  The lawn mower is an electric cordless type.  Unfortunately the battery isn’t made quite as large as their lawn.  For the last few passes my neice and I carried the charger and electric cord, alternating sides to be sure we didn’t cut the cord.

In the end the lawn is beautiful.  I’ve had a great visit with my parents.  And I’m headed home.

I was supposed to be picking up my son in Saskatoon, but his flight from San Juan didn’t quite connect properly.  So, he’s in Newark tonight and back to Saskatoon tomorrow.  Which works out well.  We were to be in Saskatoon for Canada Day and then I head to Ottawa with my friend Brian on Wednesday.

Good night – I’ve got an hour’s travel home and then I’m off to bed and ready for a new day.

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