Monthly Archives: June 2008

In Prince Albert

This is great!  We arrived for an overnight at my daughter’s at 5:00.  When we arrived I had a call about a funeral for Monday (Sheldon Elliott passed away today at 6:00 in the morning).  Pastor Bruce Dirk will speak, I’ll serve as M.C. and song leader.  After a few phone calls, we went out to get some pork chops, BBQed them (OK, my son-in-law Scott did the BBQing), set up their wireless internet and now we are just visiting.  This is the life!  Each part is a part that makes up a whole — and with God in it all, things are the way they should be!!

Learning more new tricks!

Today I  worked on a recording I’ve been doing with a friend.  He is now a senior and wanted to sing a few songs for his family and friends. 

I took my recording equipment to a piano.  Recorded the piano.  Took the equipment back home.  Recorded him singing to the music.  Two hours of piano recording, two hours to go over the vocals.  30 minutes of music altogether. 

This afternoon I sat down to balance the audio, master the CD, spin 12 copies off and make labels for the CDs.  I figure another four hours and things were done. 

The CD labeling was a new thing for me.  A friend had given me a software package a while back.  This was a great way to try it out.  In less than a 1/2 hour the software was installed and running.  The interface was familiar and printed labels were not long to the printer.

And that was some of the fun for today (besides watching an eavestroughing crew shape metal into a channel for our rainwater, visiting the hospital, writing a sermon and eating cheese and pickle sandwiches)!!

Seeking to find

Tonight we sat with two young people.  They have a varied background and are looking for more.  More than addictions or friends or society can provide.  We are introducing them to Jesus. 

What fun!  To watch as a new concept or understanding lights up their faces. 

There really is something to this "pass it on" thing.  When we have a place to let others know the best news we’ve come across, then life takes on new excitement.

We’ll be together again over the next few weeks.  I look forward to seeing where this goes!!

Caleb Construction Site

Take a look at the view out our back window (OK, it’s the Kindersley Alliance Church back window view)!  The seniors housing is coming along well, despite a wind last Thursday that threatened to dismantle the whole building.  Today 28 of us sat down to eat lunch together with more than half of those being the construction crew.  They are great guys (and one gal)!

Caleb manor June 17, 2008

Caleb construction crew lunch June 17, 2008

From problem to crisis

That’s what I heard today.  About our drug and alcohol abuse  in Kindersley.  A year ago things were bad, now they are worse.

I sat with our RCMP detachment commander as he talked about the current situation.  I sat with regional personnel from health, schools, clergy, education, social services and other areas.  They echoed the same concerns.  A network is being formed and hopefully a strategy will soon be implemented.

The consequence of not addressing this could be disastrous.  Well, I guess it already is! 

My question always is:  "What is at the root?"  We can work to fix behavior but will that transform a person?  Probably not.  There needs to be a total heart renovation before the problem can truly be addressed.  And the only lasting change will come with a new version of what life implanted in those who try to find fulfilment in drugs and alcohol.

Which then brings forward the question of God!  God truly wants us to find out what we have been created for -  which includes life beyond this one, but within this life the realization that true life is only found in knowing God through Jesus Christ.

That doesn’t mean we don’t work at harm reduction along the way, just that there has to be something more than just reducing harm, but rather brining positive change.

The line between rain and shine

Thoughts on riding the road:

Today, I entered into the rain and came out of the rain.  In between, I sat in an auditorium that was unheated, and ate in a kitchen area warmed by ovens and people. 

This was the 75th anniversary of our local camp, Luseland Bible Camp.  30 years ago I directed a camp here.  Now, I sit as a pastor of one of the sponsoring churches.  In the beginning this was a family camp, missions conference, revival meetings camp.  People literally brought their graineries in to serve as cabins while camp was on.  I imagine they dragged them home afterwards and stored their crop in them until the next camp session.  Now the camp serves children and youth, and will branch out for a seniors weekend this summer.

More than once I have seen the rain roll into the camp grounds.  The roads are still unpaved and my white car was shaded brown by the time I arrived home.   A quick car wash was in order!

As I drove home I could see the demarcation where rain abated and sunshine flowed.  As I came closer my eyes had to adjust.  When you live in rain, everything is one color.  In the brightness of sunshine the colors are myriad.  Just a quick reminder that light exposes beauty while the mushiness of  gray obliterates the highlights.  Give me the light any day!!

My control

I guess I’ve had it with rain.  We’ve had at least a week’s worth — and on the prairies that is unusual.  And somehow, all I can do is look at the weather channel and guess what will happen next.

Perhaps this type of weather is the best predictor of what I should think of God.  I can’t control God!  In a word from previous generations — God is sovereign.

So, for all the weather maps I can make, I don’t decide the content, I only sketch the happenings!!

A little water?

That’s all that it takes!  We have cancelled a ballgame scheduled for tomorrow night. Now, I have to admit a little water is actually around 2 inches in the last few days. I believe we have had rain every day for the last few weeks. For the dry prairies this is more than enough water.

And for those who play ball in prairie gumbo — any more than a covering of water can create problems. Last year we played ball and our shoes were weighted with gumbo. I could hardly life my feet, and you had to scrape the mud from the bottom of your shoes.

So, better part of wisdom. Cancel the game and put together a pickup game sometime in the summer!!

I work best in the morning?

I was off to the office at 6:15 this morning. Now, in the winter, that’s early. Especially when the sun won’t rise for another three or four hours. But in the summer, the sun has already been up and it’s rays have graced the trees of our backyard (OK, not today which was cloudy and rainy — just felt like being poetic!).

From 6:15 through 12:15 I covered administration, counselled, and tried to get to writing my Sunday sermon. By noon I felt I had accomplished something.

My only regret? By 9:00 at night I feel like the day is well done (as am I!). As I write this, I’m definitely winding down. And I’d still like to do some reading, write a sermon, and go for a walk. But . . .