Adding more songs

In May we recorded three songs.  Two months later we added another three.

Not full recordings, just scratch tracks. 

For those who read this blog regularly you will remember Wayne Gibson.  Last fall we released a full CD of original songs he had written.  Now we have an EP CD that would be nice to have ready to go in a few months.

But, time is often as much an enemy as it is a healer.  We are ready to work on a new release, but our schedules are a little “helter-skelter”.  Wayne is headed to Scotland in September.  I’m working on September plans to kick off the fall.

I listened to the songs.  Two are worship songs we have used in our church services.  One on the holiness of God and another on His greatness.  Other of the songs talk of a new day and heaven.  The theme of God pervades.

Maybe that’s why I like them.  Not just for the melody, but also for the subject.  Last night the words attached themselves to me.  Accompanied by haunting melodies, I’m still being pursued by these compositions even as I write this blog entry. 

Perhaps theses songs will catch you one of these days.  I hope so . . . but first we’ve got a bit more work to do.

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