An interesting quote from Christianity Today.

“For don’t we live in a postmodern culture in which appeals to such apologetic arguments are no longer effective?  Rational arguments of the truth of theism are no longer supposed to work.  Some Christians therefore advise that we should simply share our narrative and invite people to participate in it.

“This sort of thinking is guilty of disastrous misdiagnosis of contemporary culture.  The idea that we live in a postmodern culture is a myth.   In fact, a postmodern culture is an impossibility; it would be utterly unlivable.  People are not relativistic when it comes to matters of science, engineering, and technology; rather they are relativistic and pluralistic in matters of religion and ethics.  But, of course, that’s not postmodernism!  That’s just old-line verificationism, which held that anything you can’t prove with your five senses is a matter of personal taste.  We live in a culture that remains deeply modernist.”

Craig, William Lane.  “God is not dead yet”, Christianity Today, July 2008, p. 26.