Listening to a debate!

Recently Paul Young, writer of “The Shack”, spoke at my brother-in-law’s church.  I picked up the podcast and listened to it.

When Paul was at Canadian Bible College (same time as my wife and I), he was a great storyteller.  Jill and I laughed and nodded in agreement as he talked of some of his experiences.  Some of his experiences came close to home — he spoke of friends and situations that we knew.  That was fun!!

So, today I took a look for a bit more on Paul.  I ran across an “apologist” who has a podcast of an interview he did with Paul.  Even as I’m listening right now, I’m being amazed.  Paul is a great apologist.  And he is actually listenable.  I would have very quickly jumped in and probably yelled and screamed.  Paul kept his head and heart.

I guess that pushes me to look at the way I work with other people. I can tend to be impatient.  I can tend not to trust God to work in people’s life.  It’s all things I need to work on.  And I say these things in humility and a recognition that God is in the business of transforming people.  May that be so!!

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