Cell phone dilemma

This afternoon I had the great privilege of joining a group of seniors for “coffee”.  One of our loved seniors had been living in a rural manor a ways from Kindersley.  Doreen has just returned.

So, party time!!  The selected spot was the Kindersley Inn.  I changed to my party clothes and took off.

Today I have no car.  My transportation was my bike.  The wind blew me there quite comfortably.  The ride back was a little less enjoyable (have you ever noticed that sand, when blown hard enough, turns into a beautiful wavy pattern?).

Upon entering the house I emptied my pockets.  No cell phone.

Now, I knew I had charged the phone earlier, and had placed it in my pocket.  Since then I had ridden, first to the post office and then to the cafe. 

I jumped on my bike and retraced my path.  No phone.

With a bit of fatigue catching up to me, I stepped into the house. 

Now, sometimes the brain works best when least expected.  I took our land line phone and dialed the cell phone number.  I heard a slight ringing.  After four tries I tracked down the cell phone.

Where? In the pocket of the blue jeans I had worn to the post office.  Unfortunately a change was not as good as a rest this time around! 

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