Every once in a while, while reading very serious material, something tickles my funny bone.  The Times of London put together an article on the recent Anglican Lambeth conference.  Anglican representatives from around the globe meet every decade to discuss the state of the Anglican communion. 

This one promised to be a bit stormy!  A number of Bishops did not attend because they felt things were getting too liberal in the church.  Some were not invited.  Things seemed a bit precarious.  A compromise was reached but who knows where that will lead — a moratorium on gay consecrations and same-sex blessings as well as a moratorium on consecrating cross-boundary bishops to minister to evangelical congregations in liberal dioceses.

Heavy stuff!  Now, here is the Times Trivia that struck my funny bone:

The Lord gaveth

500 pairs of holy socks bought by bishops during the conference

120 litres of Communion wine drunk during 25 hours of worship

3,610 pints of lager consumed

10 years between conferences

1,320 minutes spent in 16 “indaba” groups

50 copies of In the Eye of the Storm signed by Gene Robinson, the gay Bishop of New Hampshire, sold

2 copies of The Truce of God: Peacemaking in Troubled Times by the Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr Rowan Williams, sold