No, I’m not talking about the drug type of “grass”!

We were in the midst of setting up some table centres for my father’s 90th birthday celebration.  For all the beautiful flowers and other accoutrements we could add, something seems right about prairie grass.

My father was born into prairie farm life, and farmed for a number of years.  My earliest recollection of pictures of my father are of him in wheat fields.  After leaving the farm there was still a great pull of the land.

So, we pulled some tufts of grass.  They set nicely into the white vases.  Surrounded by white table clothes and blue highlighted runners, the vases looked quite welcoming.  We may add a few more plants to the arrangement, but the grass will be an outstanding part of the mixture.

Now, just one more sleep and the afternoon celebration begins.  If you are around Kindersley between 2:00 – 4:00 on Saturday, drop by the Alliance Church (74 West Road) and join us!  90 years doesn’t roll around too often!