Today we stepped into a laser printer store.  They are not really retail.  Somewhat wholesale.  All business.  Sales oriented with service personnel.

We were directed to a sales representative — Dale. 

Dale is 6′ 4″ – or so we would guess.  He began his pitch but was not ready to sell us anything off the floor.  No price on the used printers, but lots of information.  And much more data on new printers which could be made available right away.

He was knowledgeable, friendly, opinionated and talkative.

About 3/4 of the way through the presentation Dale left to get some further information.  Both my wife and I turned to each other.  We remarked, almost in one breath, that he was just like our son.  Tall, talkative, opinionated and knowledgeable.  Even his gestures and catch phrases were the same.

And so, our thoughts of who Dale was carried baggage.  We formed an opinion much more quickly than we should have — both for good and bad! 

Then we heard that Dale had farmed for 13 years.  Our son never farmed.  Other hints let us know that these were two different people.

And yet . . . somehow the perceptions stick.  And we wonder why we have trouble accepting other people for who they are!!

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