Days like these

I awoke to an adventure today. 

The church’s old map came down a few days ago.  Amazing — the USSR was still around in 1990, when that map was copyrighted.  Now, the new map shows many different country states.  Georgia is right there in brown.  And many other countries whose names I do not know.  Used to be that naming the countries of the world was relatively easy.  Now there are many more countries, although the dirt is still the same!

So, today we installed a new map.  I had picked up the adhesive in Saskatoon — not enough around here.  But way too much for the job.  I came home with 3/4 of the paste still in the container.

The map looks great.

So, we (Jenn, Matt and I) had coffee.  Then at noon we departed to our own separate ways.

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