From Sports to Political Olympics

One of the things that cable provides is a variety of international stations.  During the Olympics we were able to watch US Olympians with close up views.  The Canadian station brought us the Canuck perspective.

Well, now we are into a new Olympics.  And guess what!!  Both nations are watching the Olympics of the Presidential race in America.  In Canada we get partially live feeds of the DNC (Democratic National Convention).  The US stations give us full live feeds.

The Next Olympics are on.

And here in Canada, we’re left in the dust.  Even a possible national election at this point seems to be overshadowed.  Would we rather watch Obama and McCain, or Harper and Dion?  In fact, the Canadian contestants don’t even seem to have a ring to them!

My guess for our election date?  October 6, 2008.  I’m just picking that out of the hat — perhaps November would be a much better pick.  How about somewhere around the same day I hear another country is thinking of polling their people?

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