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Reflected light

Tuesday, September 30th, 2008

I was wandering through the house this morning.  I looked in our office and saw the light was on.  But it wasn’t!  The picture below comes from light reflected onto the light shade.  The phenomenon was so unusual I immediately grabbed the camera and flashed a picture (without the flash!!).

light without power

What is next?

Monday, September 29th, 2008

We are in the midst of planning a move for my parents.  Some things are on the way.  A possible buying of a house is happening.  Moving plans are not yet in place, but a framework is starting to appear.

And so, the end of the month we’re working on a bit of time off (maybe a day or two) to accompany mom and dad to a new abode.  And then November 3rd arrives — their 57th anniversary.

Hard to believe 57 years will have passed since they were married.  Of course, I’ve only been in on 55 of those years.  When I work with our youth group I have to remember that the youth weren’t even alive when I was married, and when my parents were married . . . well that is ancient history.  And so, from the perspective of life, we are older and wiser.  At least that’s the way I like to write the story!  THE END!!

In a pensive moment!

Sunday, September 28th, 2008

Rob Bell has a video called “Everything is spiritual”.  This talk/video is from a tour that he did a year or so ago.  We began watching it today in our Family Bible School class.  The video starts with an exposition of the first chapter of Genesis.

What an approach!  Here is the poetry of Genesis explained as poetry and literature without discounting that this is also history.  And then Rob probably gives one of the most succinct explanations of quantum physics and the theory of relativity that I have ever seen/heard.  If I’d heard this in high school classes, I might have understood where our world was headed in terms of a shift in scientific method.  Instead, I’ve been thirty years trying to understand why the next generation doesn’t think the way I think.

For generations, science and logic told us that everything could be explained and thus, we were in control.  We had three points, or five ways or twelve steps.

Then quantum physics and the theory of relativity told us that our observations, our knowledge, of the big and the small seemed to have “unexplainables” — mystery — attached to them.   So, now, to regain control, we are making sub-atomic colliders to measure nanoseconds of activity and better telescopes to see the far reaches of space.

As one speaker said recently — “God paints on a bigger canvas than we can see”.  When we can’t explain things and we  have lost control, God is still in control.  And when we think we are in control, God is still in control.

When we begin to grasp that truth in all its wonder we are approaching a true fear of God.  Which is the true path to knowledge and wisdom.

My non-golf golf day

Saturday, September 27th, 2008

So, I arrived at the golf club.  9:30 was tee-off time for the interchurch golf tournament.  I had a hospital visit prior, so only arrived at 9:40. 

At that time I assessed my “cold”.  So far, so good, but still there!  Add a cold morning with breeze (the sun didn’t come out til the 5th hole).  My assessment?  Help to set up the BBQ!  I’d be basically indoors and stave off the cold.

As it happened, this was a wise choice.  Now, later in the evening I’m clogging up a bit, but not bad. 

Oh, the golfing was best ball.  The best team got a 38 — not bad.  And some good form as well.

Lester golf Sept 27, 2008

Caleb Village

Friday, September 26th, 2008

An open house was held from 1:00 – 4:00 this afternoon.

Truly, it was an open house.  The building is under construction – colder inside than outside!  The idea was to tour around what is to become an almost 100 unit complex which includes townhouses, condos and rental units.  All for the 55 and over crowd.

Caleb Village is the completion of a dream for seniors housing in Kindersley.  More than a decade ago the community began the search for additional accommodations.  Two failed attempts led to a final attempt three years ago.  This was “do or die”.  The community put together a local committee which soon decided to farm out the building and management — they would provide support and motivate the community.

Today there are bricks and walls and wires and windows.  Actual flesh beginning to appear on the bones of the idea.  I stood and watched prospective owners and tenants look over their next living space.  Some thought certain areas were small.  Others found it hard to visualize with only gyproc on the walls.  Still others, carrying their coffee, warmed to the idea.

By next spring there will be a finished landmark on the southwest edge of town.  And it looks like the buildings will be occupied with relieved occupants — excited to be involved in a new venture in a town that will celebrate 100 years in 2009!

The day before

Thursday, September 25th, 2008

So, is “yester” a word.  When I combine it with day, there is a definite meaning.  But, what about the word by itself.  Wikipedia, that source of all knowledge, has no current page . . . perhaps someone could write one?    In dictionary fashion, yester is referred to as an adjective “pertaining to yesterday”.  .  . whatever that means!  I always thought you didn’t define a word by itself?

Oh well, all that to say that in the yester-day we headed to Saskatoon in the early morning — on the road at 6:30 am.  We arrived back at 5:30 pm in time to rest for a few minutes and back to activity at 6:30 until around 9:30 pm — by which time I tried to unwind.  The blog missed the normal treatment, so here I am quickly punching out the letters to yesterday’s blog — done today and read by most of you tomorrow!!

Morning coffee

Tuesday, September 23rd, 2008

Coffee was set for 8:45.  We met by 9:10.  Then done by 9:30.  Sometimes you need to just touch base, even if for a few minutes.

Then back to the office.  On the phone for almost two hours straight.  I’m not a salesman so don’t always work the phones this much.  This was more related to closing up some details.

One of the calls was just what I needed.  An acquaintance from 30 some years ago.  Coming out of burnout and echoing some of my own concerns right now.  I’ve taken on many things and need to step back.  To take a little distance and view what others can do.   More than one person has requested that I pass on responsibility to them.  I love the willingness, and am thankful.  So, my next assignment is to get rid of my assignments.  Could be fun!!

The rest of the birthday!

Monday, September 22nd, 2008

The rest of the birthday finished with bowling, burgers and birthday cake.  My partner in birthday crime is Matthew Kehrer — 7 years old!!

birthday 55 bowling 

brithday 55 boys

Birthday boy

Sunday, September 21st, 2008

So, freedom 55!  Check out the new tie!

55 birthday tie

And then the birthday party with my mom and dad and sister!

55 birthday party mom, dad and Bren

And in an hour or so, I’m off to another party with Matt Kehrer (who has the same birthday as me) — we’ll bowl and eat pizza!

When life meets

Saturday, September 20th, 2008

These last few days have been . . .

Exhilarating — as I have caught a spirit of enthusiasm in friends around me.

Sad — as I have watched relationships that have deteriorated.

Draining — as I have caught myself reflecting on being exhausted.  And then hearing others enquire as to how I am doing.

Supportive — as I have embraced people who step up to keep me going.

Puzzling — as I have sincerely realized that the church can’t fix itself, and that people can’t fix themselves, and least of all, that I can’t fix myself. 

When you put it all together, I think I’m on the edge of the cusp of the wave of something great.  Trouble is, the wave looks awfully big, the cusp looks like a cliff’s edge, and I feel like I’m looking at the “something great” through blurred lenses.

How can something so great be so frightening?  The more I understand God, the more I’m learning that God is not safe, but He is good — that I’m not looking for the good life, I’m looking for the God life.

All that said, being excited often carries a bit of being scared at its core.

The retired person who needs to transition to a new home.  The youth who is figuring out love.   The mother whose child is loosening the apron strings.  The probable divorcee whose relational foundations are being rearranged.  The father whose career aspiration is not his current job.

And all of this I’ve seen in one week.  And more. 

And tomorrow I continue in the risk zone!  I hit 55.  Some call it Freedom 55.  A title that relates to being able to retire and do what you want.  I’m ready to hit 55, but the more I approach this age the less I want to retire and the more I want to bring freedom to others.

What wisdom do I need to fulfil God’s purpose on my life — to know Jesus Christ, and to make Him known?  What does God know that I need to know to fulfil his calling on my life?

What wisdom do you need?