Coffee was set for 8:45.  We met by 9:10.  Then done by 9:30.  Sometimes you need to just touch base, even if for a few minutes.

Then back to the office.  On the phone for almost two hours straight.  I’m not a salesman so don’t always work the phones this much.  This was more related to closing up some details.

One of the calls was just what I needed.  An acquaintance from 30 some years ago.  Coming out of burnout and echoing some of my own concerns right now.  I’ve taken on many things and need to step back.  To take a little distance and view what others can do.   More than one person has requested that I pass on responsibility to them.  I love the willingness, and am thankful.  So, my next assignment is to get rid of my assignments.  Could be fun!!