So, is “yester” a word.  When I combine it with day, there is a definite meaning.  But, what about the word by itself.  Wikipedia, that source of all knowledge, has no current page . . . perhaps someone could write one?    In dictionary fashion, yester is referred to as an adjective “pertaining to yesterday”.  .  . whatever that means!  I always thought you didn’t define a word by itself?

Oh well, all that to say that in the yester-day we headed to Saskatoon in the early morning — on the road at 6:30 am.  We arrived back at 5:30 pm in time to rest for a few minutes and back to activity at 6:30 until around 9:30 pm — by which time I tried to unwind.  The blog missed the normal treatment, so here I am quickly punching out the letters to yesterday’s blog — done today and read by most of you tomorrow!!