An open house was held from 1:00 – 4:00 this afternoon.

Truly, it was an open house.  The building is under construction – colder inside than outside!  The idea was to tour around what is to become an almost 100 unit complex which includes townhouses, condos and rental units.  All for the 55 and over crowd.

Caleb Village is the completion of a dream for seniors housing in Kindersley.  More than a decade ago the community began the search for additional accommodations.  Two failed attempts led to a final attempt three years ago.  This was “do or die”.  The community put together a local committee which soon decided to farm out the building and management — they would provide support and motivate the community.

Today there are bricks and walls and wires and windows.  Actual flesh beginning to appear on the bones of the idea.  I stood and watched prospective owners and tenants look over their next living space.  Some thought certain areas were small.  Others found it hard to visualize with only gyproc on the walls.  Still others, carrying their coffee, warmed to the idea.

By next spring there will be a finished landmark on the southwest edge of town.  And it looks like the buildings will be occupied with relieved occupants — excited to be involved in a new venture in a town that will celebrate 100 years in 2009!