Rob Bell has a video called “Everything is spiritual”.  This talk/video is from a tour that he did a year or so ago.  We began watching it today in our Family Bible School class.  The video starts with an exposition of the first chapter of Genesis.

What an approach!  Here is the poetry of Genesis explained as poetry and literature without discounting that this is also history.  And then Rob probably gives one of the most succinct explanations of quantum physics and the theory of relativity that I have ever seen/heard.  If I’d heard this in high school classes, I might have understood where our world was headed in terms of a shift in scientific method.  Instead, I’ve been thirty years trying to understand why the next generation doesn’t think the way I think.

For generations, science and logic told us that everything could be explained and thus, we were in control.  We had three points, or five ways or twelve steps.

Then quantum physics and the theory of relativity told us that our observations, our knowledge, of the big and the small seemed to have “unexplainables” — mystery — attached to them.   So, now, to regain control, we are making sub-atomic colliders to measure nanoseconds of activity and better telescopes to see the far reaches of space.

As one speaker said recently — “God paints on a bigger canvas than we can see”.  When we can’t explain things and we  have lost control, God is still in control.  And when we think we are in control, God is still in control.

When we begin to grasp that truth in all its wonder we are approaching a true fear of God.  Which is the true path to knowledge and wisdom.