We are in the midst of planning a move for my parents.  Some things are on the way.  A possible buying of a house is happening.  Moving plans are not yet in place, but a framework is starting to appear.

And so, the end of the month we’re working on a bit of time off (maybe a day or two) to accompany mom and dad to a new abode.  And then November 3rd arrives — their 57th anniversary.

Hard to believe 57 years will have passed since they were married.  Of course, I’ve only been in on 55 of those years.  When I work with our youth group I have to remember that the youth weren’t even alive when I was married, and when my parents were married . . . well that is ancient history.  And so, from the perspective of life, we are older and wiser.  At least that’s the way I like to write the story!  THE END!!