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A "Not much new" day

Thursday, October 30th, 2008

I think for most of my life I’ve wanted to make sure every day is a “new” day.  So, I’ve purposely walked a new route to school, or worn a new set of clothes, or been sure to talk to someone new, or looked for a new opportunity.

Today I lived a “not much new” day.  Or at least that’s how I started the day.  I had things to do — the regular!  But then, I went to visit a “new” friend — never met him before but had been alerted that he was new to town.  He is a site manager at a construction site in town.  Then, I played with a video and learned how to make a shortened video segment.  Then off to a Gideon’s meeting and I learned more about how the Bible can serve as a seed in people’s life — what great stories.  And now, I’m at home with 15 or 20 ladies who have met for a study on Believing God.

So, I guess not much new happened today!

James 3

Wednesday, October 29th, 2008

I’m working on a sermon for Sunday.  Continuing in the Biblical book of James.  A book strong in action. 

The third chapter talks of the tongue and it’s ability to harm or help.  Then the statements go into a discussion of wisdom.

I remember that the original writings had no paragraphs.  They were just strung together.  You needed to figure out the flow of the content yourself.

Unfortunately some times the contemporary paragraph breaks throw off that flow.  In James 3 the tongue is discussed, then wisdom.  As though they were two separate thoughts.  But, perhaps not.  Perhaps the way to get past wise cracks that are silly is to come to a deeper understanding of wisdom that changes the heart, so that from the inside the tongue speaks.

Well, at least that’s the start of the sermon.  We’ll see what evolves by Sunday!!

Dad and Mom in Lafleche

Tuesday, October 28th, 2008

They are now moved.  We drove them to Lafleche (south of Swift Current – about 3 1/2 hours from Rosetown) on Monday.  This will be a big transition – pray with us and for them.

A day of rest

Sunday, October 26th, 2008

Actually, this Sunday appears to be one of rest.  I hate to say it, but often a pastor’s Sunday is less than restful.  We seek out other days in the week to rest.  And we wish our Sunday’s could be restful.

Not that the day needs to be without responsibility.  But rather, that the day would have a sense of peace and unhurriedness.  Some days this happens, others I feel frazzled and frantic. 

Perhaps it was visiting with my native Alliance Christian friends (they live in a much more lenient sense of time).  Whatever prompted the day, I took it slow and tried not to be overcome with worry or concern.  The tasks were actually more than usual, but the enjoyment was on a whole different level. 

Perhaps I’m also sensing a greater sense of God-sufficiency instead of self-sufficiency.  In other words, God’s making it clear that I can’t fix things or make things happen.  A good reminder, so that all I need to do is rest in what God is doing.

Perhaps there are other things, but for the moment I’m just enjoying the day — and the analysis will follow.

God be thanked. 

Merry band of renovators

Saturday, October 25th, 2008

We’re back!  Prince Albert was raining, the road back was wind-whipped, and now we are preparing for an evening’s rest.  It’s all good!

Merry band of renovators NLIAF Oct 2008

Here in P.A.

Saturday, October 25th, 2008

Well, we made it to Prince Albert by 3:00.  The church where we are renovating was open and supplies were just being delivered.  By 6:00 we had things cleaned up and some junk removed to the dump. 

Part of the fun is ripping out walls and imagining what needs to be done.  After supper we actually got to building a wall.  We thought we had it figured but were out a little bit — nothing we can’t fix but after all that measuring . . . And I had set it up to have studs going one way instead of the other.  Again, it can all work, which is the fun of renovating.  Sometimes innovation is the word of the day.

And so, Saturday we are off to “innovate” some more.  Oh yes, we do have plans, but there is a bit of “squeeze” room to make things work.  Or should I say “hammer” room.  Sometimes a bit of persuasion does amazing things!!

The software works

Thursday, October 23rd, 2008

And you thought I was done with all that! 

Well, early this morning I tried another tactic.  When you combine all the tactics together you get a war that you win.  And this evening I have a full DVD of pictures that works with a menu and plays well on the TV.  That’s an accomplishment — not one I’m celebrating (OK, maybe a little), but an accomplishment nonetheless.

And tomorrow is another new adventure.  Our church is off to assist another church (New Life Indian Alliance Fellowship – NLIAF) with some renovations.   We’ll be back Saturday night.

Harvey went up early to set things up. 

Three of us are to follow tomorrow morning.  Well, maybe only two.  One possible renovator had his truck catch fire (a truck used constantly for his self-employed work).  The insurance adjustment may need to be done tomorrow.   And a new vehicle will need to be purchased as soon as possible.

Starting with a possible seven of us a few weeks ago, circumstances lead us to a group of three or four.  The tasks are not hard, so we will enjoy our time together, and together with members of NLIAF.

Oh, by the way, my wife is accompanying us and will spend most of the time visiting with our daughter.  For me, it will be a working holiday — and one I am looking forward to!!

Yes, there are work-arounds

Wednesday, October 22nd, 2008

OK, so yesterday I wasn’t going to tell you if I found a way to export my video in the format I wanted.  Well, I found out one of the software programs I picked up a few years ago did the job just fine.

Then, the question was how to set up titles on a DVD.  I looked inside a movie making program.  No there.  Logically the next step was to check the internet.  As it happened, after a little searching I found out that I was barking up the wrong software tree.  Once that was figured out, the rest was fairly easy.

So, now I have a set of movies and slideshows ready to be send to DVD.  The only question I have is how well my computer will perform — this is not an easy task.  Tomorrow morning will tell!

That one step further from frustration

Tuesday, October 21st, 2008

I’ve got a number of computer programs that do amazing things.  The problem is that the one extra thing means buying a bit more software. 

Right now I’m working on a video from which I want to extract the audio.  I can add other video and make a movie.  Still has the sound.  I can save it without the sound, if I buy an upgrade.  I don’t want to!

So, the question becomes — how much do I want to make this work.

Well, I guess time will tell.  In other words, I’m just stubborn enough to see if there isn’t a shortcut in one of my programs.  One that isn’t mentioned in the manual but should logically work — all other things being equal.

I call this tenacity.  Others call it stupidity — a waste of time.  But the next time (if this works), I’ll know what to do.

I have a feeling this is a trait of a good gamer.  And I suppose, if I had the desire, I could enjoy video gaming.   But right now my dexterity is less than superb and other things are commanding my attention.

Off to the computer and a few more possible software possibilities.  Never know what I might come up with. 

I’d tell you that I’d get back to you on this — but since failure is probable (given what I have read in the manuals and help screens), I won’t bother!!!

What you can do with a coroplast sign

Monday, October 20th, 2008

Amazing things you find on itunes!  I was looking over the podcasts of Mars Hill Church – Rob Bell is pastor.  Here tucked in the his sermon / powerpoint notes was a YOUTUBE video that is just fun to watch.  Check it out here.