That one step further from frustration

I’ve got a number of computer programs that do amazing things.  The problem is that the one extra thing means buying a bit more software. 

Right now I’m working on a video from which I want to extract the audio.  I can add other video and make a movie.  Still has the sound.  I can save it without the sound, if I buy an upgrade.  I don’t want to!

So, the question becomes — how much do I want to make this work.

Well, I guess time will tell.  In other words, I’m just stubborn enough to see if there isn’t a shortcut in one of my programs.  One that isn’t mentioned in the manual but should logically work — all other things being equal.

I call this tenacity.  Others call it stupidity — a waste of time.  But the next time (if this works), I’ll know what to do.

I have a feeling this is a trait of a good gamer.  And I suppose, if I had the desire, I could enjoy video gaming.   But right now my dexterity is less than superb and other things are commanding my attention.

Off to the computer and a few more possible software possibilities.  Never know what I might come up with. 

I’d tell you that I’d get back to you on this — but since failure is probable (given what I have read in the manuals and help screens), I won’t bother!!!

2 thoughts on “That one step further from frustration

  1. Hi Ron,
    I was humored by your thoughts today. I am also looking to transfer my iTunes purchases from one computer to another (both are authorized to me). I have found it equally frustrating. If you don’t mind, I would like to quote your article in my sermon this week as I’m doing a series on the Spiritual Virtues. I came across a great book by Gary Thomas called Not The End but the ROAD (Navepress 2004) and it is a gift set book made from the parent book, The Glorious Pursuit. (Navepress 1989). I love the litergy in both as they use similar material to walk through 14 virtures. This week, I’m working on Discernment. Your article is a fitting place for the Spiritual Virture of Discernment.

    On another note, how are the two of you doing? Healthy yet? You have been posting a lot of grief or saddness related items and it seems your journey is full of such.
    We are still processing our first (in 6 yrs) full evaluation. It was brutal but the people apparently want us to be their pastor couple so we still press on for now. We had a big news item yesterday, we bought a new to us mini van. Our car was simply overloaded this past year with three kids in carseats.
    So we are pretty excited about that. We are also still seeking and working out a sabbatical of some sort. When? How? What will it look like? We don’t know yet. But we are more than ready.

    Blessings on both you and Jill!
    Vern & Lana, Olivia, Reuben, & Rachel

  2. Vern, you can certainly use this for a reference in your sermon. Yes, there have been days of sadness and grief lately, but somehow God keeps taking us through. I’ll send you an update in the near future!


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