I’ve got a number of computer programs that do amazing things.  The problem is that the one extra thing means buying a bit more software. 

Right now I’m working on a video from which I want to extract the audio.  I can add other video and make a movie.  Still has the sound.  I can save it without the sound, if I buy an upgrade.  I don’t want to!

So, the question becomes — how much do I want to make this work.

Well, I guess time will tell.  In other words, I’m just stubborn enough to see if there isn’t a shortcut in one of my programs.  One that isn’t mentioned in the manual but should logically work — all other things being equal.

I call this tenacity.  Others call it stupidity — a waste of time.  But the next time (if this works), I’ll know what to do.

I have a feeling this is a trait of a good gamer.  And I suppose, if I had the desire, I could enjoy video gaming.   But right now my dexterity is less than superb and other things are commanding my attention.

Off to the computer and a few more possible software possibilities.  Never know what I might come up with. 

I’d tell you that I’d get back to you on this — but since failure is probable (given what I have read in the manuals and help screens), I won’t bother!!!