The software works

And you thought I was done with all that! 

Well, early this morning I tried another tactic.  When you combine all the tactics together you get a war that you win.  And this evening I have a full DVD of pictures that works with a menu and plays well on the TV.  That’s an accomplishment — not one I’m celebrating (OK, maybe a little), but an accomplishment nonetheless.

And tomorrow is another new adventure.  Our church is off to assist another church (New Life Indian Alliance Fellowship – NLIAF) with some renovations.   We’ll be back Saturday night.

Harvey went up early to set things up. 

Three of us are to follow tomorrow morning.  Well, maybe only two.  One possible renovator had his truck catch fire (a truck used constantly for his self-employed work).  The insurance adjustment may need to be done tomorrow.   And a new vehicle will need to be purchased as soon as possible.

Starting with a possible seven of us a few weeks ago, circumstances lead us to a group of three or four.  The tasks are not hard, so we will enjoy our time together, and together with members of NLIAF.

Oh, by the way, my wife is accompanying us and will spend most of the time visiting with our daughter.  For me, it will be a working holiday — and one I am looking forward to!!

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