Here in P.A.

Well, we made it to Prince Albert by 3:00.  The church where we are renovating was open and supplies were just being delivered.  By 6:00 we had things cleaned up and some junk removed to the dump. 

Part of the fun is ripping out walls and imagining what needs to be done.  After supper we actually got to building a wall.  We thought we had it figured but were out a little bit — nothing we can’t fix but after all that measuring . . . And I had set it up to have studs going one way instead of the other.  Again, it can all work, which is the fun of renovating.  Sometimes innovation is the word of the day.

And so, Saturday we are off to “innovate” some more.  Oh yes, we do have plans, but there is a bit of “squeeze” room to make things work.  Or should I say “hammer” room.  Sometimes a bit of persuasion does amazing things!!

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