A day of rest

Actually, this Sunday appears to be one of rest.  I hate to say it, but often a pastor’s Sunday is less than restful.  We seek out other days in the week to rest.  And we wish our Sunday’s could be restful.

Not that the day needs to be without responsibility.  But rather, that the day would have a sense of peace and unhurriedness.  Some days this happens, others I feel frazzled and frantic. 

Perhaps it was visiting with my native Alliance Christian friends (they live in a much more lenient sense of time).  Whatever prompted the day, I took it slow and tried not to be overcome with worry or concern.  The tasks were actually more than usual, but the enjoyment was on a whole different level. 

Perhaps I’m also sensing a greater sense of God-sufficiency instead of self-sufficiency.  In other words, God’s making it clear that I can’t fix things or make things happen.  A good reminder, so that all I need to do is rest in what God is doing.

Perhaps there are other things, but for the moment I’m just enjoying the day — and the analysis will follow.

God be thanked. 

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