A "Not much new" day

I think for most of my life I’ve wanted to make sure every day is a “new” day.  So, I’ve purposely walked a new route to school, or worn a new set of clothes, or been sure to talk to someone new, or looked for a new opportunity.

Today I lived a “not much new” day.  Or at least that’s how I started the day.  I had things to do — the regular!  But then, I went to visit a “new” friend — never met him before but had been alerted that he was new to town.  He is a site manager at a construction site in town.  Then, I played with a video and learned how to make a shortened video segment.  Then off to a Gideon’s meeting and I learned more about how the Bible can serve as a seed in people’s life — what great stories.  And now, I’m at home with 15 or 20 ladies who have met for a study on Believing God.

So, I guess not much new happened today!

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