You think you can survive a mere ache in the back.  You try to adjust your daily walk, quite literally.  But the backache continues.  So, you add muscle relaxants and keep going.

By yesterday I realized — you can’t go full steam and come out the other end standing tall!  I also realized I was to be out with a group of youth in the evening, planning outdoor games and indoor refreshments.

Therefore, in good logical sense, using <if> <then> statements I spend the day in bed resting my back.  The evening went well — with 20-25 people playing hide and seek, and capture the flag.  I walked and ran slowly and had a great time.  This morning I’m a bit stiff and may have to rest a bit more.

A tidbit from yesterday — working with Muslim people to bring them to Jesus usually takes about seven years of relational interaction.  I wonder how long it takes to bring a secular or “turned off church” person in Canada to Jesus through relational interaction?  Some of our church people would say they are still working on some people 40 years later!!