International Worker’s Sunday

Sounds like an awesome day!  And it was.

Ross spoke of working in a country we do not know.  Working with people we can not name.  The work is tangible and the people are real.  But to name names and places could create problems.

For many this type of visionary work is exactly what spurs them on. 

A mission that is worth living and dying for.  That is the Christian vision. 

Life here and now will continue in the after forever.  There really is no dying — just a new lease on life.  And that’s the same place we want everyone to exist — now and eternally.  So we push on  in mission to bring people to that life.

Where that mission takes us, we do not know.  And what we will go through, we cannot fathom.  But this we do know, this visionary work is worth the final landscape we will see someday!

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