Today was supposed to feel like -40 degrees, with the wind chill.

As we stood at the grocery store an obviousness arose.  Or should I say, swept across us.  Our gloved fingers began to freeze.  Our exposed faces became like ice.  Our slow steps sped as fast as we could.

For those who live in warm climes — we plugged in our car. 

Now, that has to do with electricity — true!  Actually, we have a heater that sits in oil.  The oil is on the inside of our car’s motor.  When the oil is warm, the car is satisfied.  With a groan, it will come to life.

If the car is not plugged in, the oil is sluggish, the engine is unresponsive and you look rather like a fool trying to start the car.

Who says living north of the 49th doesn’t have it’s days?

And today was one of them!!