Well, the car was towed.  The caved roof holds a myriad of adventures – the most recent of which is terrifying and yet somehow ended well.

Our son’s sprain and head ache (and now some backache) are much less than could have happened.  Others are glad to hear of his relatively little bit of injury.  We are too!

This morning we attended to our local insurance adjuster (nice language to say we headed over to SGI and talked about the accident).  We expect by next week we’ll have a final adjustment on the car (chances are that it will be “written off”).  We have begun the search for a replacement.  The first car we examined looked good, sounded good, but didn’t smell good.  Smoke does not become our lungs (or maybe, rightly put, smoke does become our lungs too easily – injuring and even killing). 

Our schedules this coming week mean we probably won’t find anything until at least a week from now.  Not sure what we will consider next.  That’s part of the adventure.

And so, the next phase of life begins.