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Miss a day, miss a lot?

Friday, January 16th, 2009

Sometimes I don’t think so. 

But then I look back at my journals.  Each day has at least a page of thoughts and activities recorded.  The journals go back to at least 1994.  After 25 years, there’s always something new!

Take yesterday, for example. 

Here I am inhaling smoke with a smoker.  Not a usual activity — and this happened to be just outside the hospital.  Today, I’m back talking with the same fellow.  No smoke today, we’re inside the hospital.  There’s much more to this story — maybe I’ll let you read my journal someday!

Today, I’m at work at 6:00 am.  I escape the office at 2:30 with bottles in hand to return to our local recycler — a part of a bottle drive for our children’s program.  Tonight will see me enjoying our youth as we talk, snack and study the Bible.

Tomorrow?  Looks like I’ll do some engineering for a recording session with a budding guitarist/composer/singer.  And then supper with relatives.

And the next day?  Well, let’s take it one day at a time!!

The hospital visit

Wednesday, January 14th, 2009

Often a visit to the hospital is in the midst of pain and real suffering.  These visits are as much about calm and prayer as they are about alleviating pain (which is more properly placed in the hands of the physicians).

Today, I had the opportunity to visit with two people.  Both are in varying physical stages of life — neither situation is comfortable but certainly not debilitating.

So the discussion was more an opportunity to explore thoughts.  The one discussion I left saying I would like to continue at another point when they arrive back home.  The other was more a wide ranging discussion on life issues.  I left encouraging journalling, Bible study and prayer.

These visits I enjoy.  There is a promise of further interaction, plus a sense that God can continue to transform lives.  And so, “May God work his will, doing that which is good and right for those involved!”

How is that?

Tuesday, January 13th, 2009

When I awoke this morning the temperature was around the freezing mark.  The skies poured forth ice crystals and some soft snowflakes.

Now, the evening is fast approaching.  The sky is not divesting itself of snow or ice.  The air has changed drastically — almost 20 degrees Centigrade!

And I thought things always warmed up as the day went by!

Special meetings completed

Sunday, January 11th, 2009

With a morning of words related to the place of the church, we completed a great weekend!  Encouraging is one word of description.  Probably the bets description.  We completed with a prayer for us as a church — that God would bless.

And so begins a new journey.   Not divorced from our previous journey – in fact, tied closely to the life of this church.  But at the same time, a renewed sense of hope and direction.  Into a life where our community is reached for Jesus, our lives are affected to be conformed to Jesus, and our love and care is an example of Jesus in action in this world.

Oh, and the soup and sandwiches were also good!

Why cook?

Saturday, January 10th, 2009

This morning was a men’s breakfast, prepared by men, served by men, eaten by men.

I was helping to set this whole thing up.  As I did, I came to realize that preparing ham, pancakes, fruit, eggs and muffins means the complete breakfast menu is now in my/our hands.

So, don’t tell our wives.  I still enjoy her cooking.  But I guess, every once in a while I could be found behind the stove.  Of course, she’ll wonder why the meal took twice as long to prepare, and why the counter is littered with dishes, and the floor is a bit sticky.  But at least the food will be on the table!

The continuing apron saga

Thursday, January 8th, 2009

So, we found out the apron comes from Park B. Smith (see previous post).

60% polyester – 40% polyurethane.  Spills wipe off with cloth or sponge.  You can wash it in the washing machine.  But don’t put an open flame to it.

Can you imagine it – a flaming apron.  To go with flaming hair and a certain desire to find an open body of water

If you find something like this, available in Canada and for under $10.00 let us know!!

The search is on

Wednesday, January 7th, 2009

Today, my culinary inclined wife was on the hunt!

With current food handling standards, you need to have a bleach wash in a commercial/church kitchen.  That bleach wash has been known to spill over and land on beautiful clothing – now ruined with a splotch in the middle.  Cloth aprons do little to stop the moisture of the bleach from leaking through.

The real need is for an apron which will repel the bleach.  A rubberized cloth type.  After hours of searching some possibilities have been found.

Have you run across this type of apron?  Where would they be found?  I’d be glad, and would receive all kinds of kudoos, if you can pass on the information to me!!

Shovelling therapy

Tuesday, January 6th, 2009

This afternoon warmed to a comfortable temperature.  The church van that wouldn’t start in the morning was willing by noon.  The glistening snow looked inviting.

One drift just dared me to rearrange it!

As a part of working through my GERD (see previous posts), I decided that some additional exercise could be a good thing. 

I grabbed the snow shovel and began to push.  Shaving off inches/centimeters at a time, the drift began to become mere trails of snow.  The work was boring and so my mind wandered to forward thoughts — something I haven’t done well in the last while. 

As the final vestiges of the drift disappeared, I realized that I felt somewhat better.  Not perfect, but better.  And with the completion of the task, I had the sense that the next drift in my life could also be overcome.

Some days you just need a snow drift!

The Eleven

Monday, January 5th, 2009

Yesterday we were privileged.  Our morning gathering saw eleven people join us.  All had been working this summer at the Luseland Bible Camp, which our gathering supports.

They came to talk to us about the Camp, about themselves and what God was doing.  Some were quite emotional as God’s working was evident.  This is the type of thing that inspires us to pray, support and believe that God is working.

And some days, you just need that!

GERD continued

Monday, January 5th, 2009

Well, one thing can be said for ailment.  Other people are willing to help find solutions.

My wife and I have been researching and observing.  Today, after a clam chowder meal with a soda biscuit with jam, finished off with some apple juice and an apple — my stomach began to act up.

Dissecting the meal, you begin to wonder which one creates disruption.

Now, one remedy is to take a teaspoon of blackstrap molasses.  Not a remedy for finding out which foods create acid reflux.  But a covering for the esophagus so that the acid doesn’t cause damage.

Tried that one! 

I thought the molasses tasted like licorice.  Not a bad temporary solution.

I think I’ll continue this “band aid” solution while I seek out a foundational understanding of what causes continued GERD!