So, early this morning we were warned on the news that a convoy was headed our way.  Almost thirty feet wide (maybe a little exaggerated), 3 stories high and over 300 feet long (again, evangelistically speaking).  Regardless, they were to start early in the morning so that not a lot of traffic would be blocked.  The convoy would make it to Rosetown (an hour down the road) today, and tomorrow scurry on towards Kindersley.

Meanwhile, I’m planning on driving past Rosetown on my way to Regina, Saskatchewan.  And hoping I won’t meet the “convoy”.

OK, it was a bit of a letdown.  The convoy was really trucks warning of the load coming, along with the one “truck” carrying the part for the oilfield.  Not to say that the part was not massive.  If anything, it was humungous.  My Dodge Neon could never have pulled the load.  In fact, it would have been squashed under one of it’s wheels. 

Enough description.  Here’s the picture!  Oh, they borrowed a road in Rosetown to park it overnight!!

truck convoy to oilfield feb 17, 2009