Two intersecting events created a serendipity this week.

Our denomination has a 5th S!  We have missions work in four particular areas of the world — each symbolized with an S.  We have just added a 5th S – from Sea to Sea — a desire to multiply churches through our churches in Canada within Canada.  That’s what is called church planting!

I arrived back in town from a session on this 5th S to a phone call to be returned.  A fellow and his family have arrived in town from BC.  They feel called of God to plant a church in Kindersley.  There background is independent Baptist.  They’ve bought a place and hope to begin meetings soon.  He sat and told me of this adventure this morning.

I have conflicting emotions.  On one hand I know we need to see a community come to know who Jesus is — and God opens all sorts of ways to do this.  On another front, I see that we have a number of evangelical churches in town that could and should be doing this work (and a new sense of cooperation has arisen in these last few months in that regard).  On yet another front, I wonder what it would be like for our denomination to drop into another town around this country and hope to be accepted in an effort to plant a church.

So, here we are.  I’m glad God knows where the next step will land!