As I arrived home for supper, I remarked to my wife that it felt good to feel good.   At the same time, I know that other days have not been as good.

The funny thing is that only God knows what a day holds.  I’ve had days where I’ve exercised, felt good, and awakened the next morning to nausea and a general sense of dis-ease.

So, that’s why, if God knows the day — God is also the one who can direct the path of a day.  I’m becoming more dependent on God to run my days.  They say that in the ’80’s and 90’s, youth were following after the theme of “independence”.  Understandably, you need to be able to separate from your parents, find a job and settle into your own life.

After you’ve achieved that, then you need to learn to become dependent once again. 

I wonder if we need to start teaching our youth to be dependent throughout life!  The older youth should begin to understand who mentors are, and who spiritual friends are, and even who the ones are that can direct them in their lives.  And in some way we need to help them to gain an understanding of who they are in God’s sight.  When they’ve found that, then they will be independent of a world system that is corrupt, and find the true place of dependence in God.

Too bad it takes some of us into half a century of living to begin to understand this!!