We were just entering the 8:30 hour when the news on the internet informed us that earthday was about to begin.  The idea?  Try to use a little power as possible and thus reduce the carbon footprint around the world.  We thought we would try it, to  fulfil a simpler lifestyle. As we found out, […]

SPN done!

We have a great time together.  Senior Pastors of churches in the region meet three times a year.  We laugh and cry, pray and eat, and generally walk away refreshed. This time around, Blaine carried two knives with him.  Both would be considered “switchblades” back in my day!  He showed us how they worked.  He […]

How words change!

I guess dictionaries are somewhat like laws.  Often they just document what is already happening in society. Here’s one of the latest — a definition of "marriage," from the Online Dictionary of Miriam Webster. Main Entry: mar·riage  Pronunciation: \?mer-ij, ?ma-rij\ Function: noun Etymology: Middle English mariage, from Anglo-French, from marier to marry Date: 14th century […]