Cleaning the cars

Spring must truly be here.  Not only are there motorcycles on the streets, but we are vacuuming, washing and shining up the inside of our cars. 

During the warmer days of winter we washed the car.  But on the inside, snow and sand and dirt accumulated over time — dragged in by boots and shoes.  Small stones had begun to take the place of the gray carpet.

Time to take action. 

Of course, I had asked Jill if she had anything for me to do on my day off.  “Let’s clean the cars!”   After a long and tiring day on Sunday, that sounded like a nice reprieve.

Which proves my predilection (love that word!) to clean, organizing and sorting things.  My wife says I’m OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) that way.  I go into a grocery store and start to rearrange shelves!

Once the cars were cleaned, I vacuumed the garage floor and took a few pieces of garbage out to the town dump.

All in all a good day!!

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