In a land where summer sports begin as soon as the snow leaves, when seeding begins about now, and when children are involved in other activities — we wind down our children’s programs about this time of year.

Tonight was our AWANA finale — spaghetti dinner and awards, plus a program for the parents.  Around 75 out for the supper which was scrumptious. 

Here is a first.  I don’t do puppets, but tonight I was enlisted.  We read the script, and it worked somewhat.  The kids were quiet and heard every word.  That’s a good sign.  For me, this was the first time I have actually done puppets with an audience.  At least there were no tomatoes thrown!!

And so, I sit at home thankful for the work done by each leader over this past year.  And thankful for the break that summer affords.  And looking forward to seeing what happens this coming fall!

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