Museum Visit

A while back I was given some brochures and letters to drop off at the local museum.  Time passes much to quickly, and today, being my day off in lieu of the “statuatory holiday” this week, I finally got around to it.

The local museum keepers were glad to see me.  Not so much for the materials I was bringing!  There was a project they wanted my help on. 

So, for most of the day I have been transferring over local histories done on cassette tapes to digital format / CD’s.  I’ve basically set the recorder in motion and gone on to other things.  Meanwhile, six of the sessions are now complete (anywhere up to an hour each).  That still leaves at least nine to go!

Thankfully this is a project that doesn’t need to be done tomorrow.  And wait it will have t0.  I’ve got a floor hockey game tonight!!

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