Yesterday I heard some of you could not find my blog on the internet.

I zipped of a message to my service provider.  He calmly replied by email that my domain name had expired.

Amazing what a mere broken electronic link can do!  I was placed into internet ether space — far from your browser and unable to transcend the strictures of time and space to make it to your place.

Now the link is back, for a mere pittance of money placed in the coffers of those who register domain names such as

So, I’m back and have not expired, although my next possible expiry date is two years from now.  At which point I will probably, once again, forget to renew my domain name — until someone points out to me that I’m no longer there!

But until then, read on.

BTW:  Facebook is now advertising that you can restrict who you talk to on Facebook.  Or at least they are letting you know that you can send messages/create a wall that only a select few of your friends are able to access.  My question is whether people will take advantage of this option — or if they even think that any conversation needs to be restricted.