As I head into preaching for the summer, I’m looking at taking some of the common Psalms and speaking on them.  Many of us know the 23rd Psalm (Shepherd Psalm), or the 51st Psalm (where David pours out his anguish over his immorality and murder).

As I’ve been researching, I find it interesting that the Psalms are divided into 5 parts, the same as the Torah (first five books of the Bible called the books of the law).

There is every reason to believe that when the first Psalm talks of those who meditate on the law of God, this refers to the Torah but also in some way to the Psalms themselves, which are structured the same as the Torah.

As one writer says, “Regardless of the fact that the Psalms originated as the response of faithful persons to God, they are now to be understood also as God’s Word to the faithful.”

With that in mind (and just starting to germinated in my mind!), I look forward to this summer adventure.