From the bottom to the top

Down the road from the church a new house is being built.  The framing took only a few days.

Now, the roof is being built. 

Not in the usual way.  Usually you would lift up trusses onto the walls.  Then you tie them together.  Finally you place the sheeting over top.

Instead, the trusses are being built on the ground.  You can see them up close!  Then the roof will be lifted up and placed on the walls.

As a group of us talked about this, we wondered what would happen if they are just slightly out in their measurements.  Would their be a way to compensate?  Can you lift and lower until you finally have it right?  Isn’t it easier just to build it in place?

Like armchair quarterbacks we solved the world’s problems – or at least that of building a roof.  Of course, the proof is in the pudding, or is that “in the roof?”

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