Quickly they fly

That’s the sentiment both my wife and I have had this week.  Every moment seems to have been full, fast and furious.  We’ve done the doctor thing – renewing prescriptions and checking on ailments.  We’ve done the program thing – having committee meetings and planning programs.  We’ve done the funeral thing – dealing with a recent death and comforting family.  We’ve done the clean up thing – taking down decorations and preparing for floor waxing.

In the midst of all this a theme for our youth group was taking shape.  “Prayer”.  Prayer that is more than activity.  Prayer that is deeply embedded with time spent in relationship.  Prayer that is more than a list.

They appear to be opposites. 

In reality they work with each other.  Without prayer there is no effective programming and planning.  Without programming and planning prayers can remain merely dreams and wishes that don’t deal with the hard work of relationship.

So, I’m sitting at home praying that life will slow a bit – and programming to sit down for a few minutes.  I sense that is a direction that I’m being prompted to take!!  Sometimes God is just plain practical if we will listen.

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