Thoughts in passing

An interesting quote from one of my "tours" around facebook!

Harry Robinson had a wonderful metaphor for the church.  It was that of a shepherd maintaining his flock:  he could either build a fence to keep them in, or build a pasture with plenty of water and nourishment to make them want to stay

The other thought comes from an email I received about our upcoming denominational assembly in Turkey in 2010.  W. Ward Gasque (a heavy weight in Biblical Studies) is taking a tour group through Turkey.  That’s good information, but it was the way he signed his name that got to me.

Remember, this is a biblical scholar whom I have read and admire (great textbook on Acts!), but he had no official affiliation with the workings of the Alliance.

Here is his quote in the email sent out.

Since I am a relative newcomer to the Canadian Alliance as far as membership is concerned (though I have been linked with the Alliance as a Staley Distinguished Visiting Lecturer at CBC/CTS, assisting in the education of numerous Alliance pastors and scholars, and, on occasion, preaching), some of you may not know me.  For the past two years I have been honored to serve as the English Ministries Pastor at Richmond Chinese Alliance Church.  As you may or may not be aware, I was a co-founder of Regent College.

There’s more, but it just struck me that a Chinese Alliance church was able to enlist Dr. Gasque’s services.  This is probably based on friendships and other factors.  Nevertheless, I’m wondering if I sometimes overlook people who would love to be coming alongside things that I think God is calling me to just because they may be busy, or currently engaged in their own pursuits, or seemingly out of my league?

Just some thoughts!!

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