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Temperature rising

A watering trough serves as our baptismal tank.  Not your regular, country style tubular kind.  It actually looks like a round swimming pool, downsized and made of black plastic.

The tank was filled a few nights ago, and the water temperature increased by inserting heaters used for cattle troughs.  To regulate the temperature you need to back off the heat judiciously.  Which means, in terms I understand, you unplug the heater when the water gets too hot.

At the same time, the overnight temperature in the building tends to get colder so the water cools down.  The heater is now on, and in the morning we’ll check it once again.  All things being equal, by 11:00 tomorrow morning the baptismal will be just right!!

Come join us – at the Kindersley Alliance church, 74 West Road, Kindersley, Saskatchewan, Canada.

Painting the front door

The saga has begun.

Last night I took the front screen door off it’s hinges.  Corralling it into the garage, I placed it upon sawhorses. 

With a file in hand, I sharpened the paint scraper that was to serve as the instrument of cleansing.  Scraping off old paint in both crumbling state and in long sheets, I soon had the outer coat removed.

That was last evening.

Today was primer time and semi-gloss.  Thankfully the paint dries quickly.

Tonight the color has changed from green to white.  If you come by, you may miss the house – the sparkling shadow of beauty will engulf you!! 

Of course, I have to put the door back on the hinges.  Should be soon, I hope, I think — OK, wait a few days!!

Gum ball effect

Attendance is climbing at our Vacation Bible School.

When I first volunteered to work with this program, I wasn’t sure how many 6-10 year olds we would find in the summer.  When the first day saw 10 kids, I was satisfied.  That would be a good start.  The second day we saw a few more and today we hit 19 in attendance.  I would be quite satisfied with that amount.  It suits the staff well and lets all of them work together. 

Having said that, we could still take a few more.  To encourage that we let those who invited friends receive a special reward — a spoonful of gum balls, as many as they can get.  Seems they like that idea.  If you look in the picture below you can see the bowl filled with gum balls.  We place them in a plastic bag (sanitary and all that!!) and the kids can eat them on the way home.

gum ball effect VBS 2009

The good news of Jesus is becoming clearer for the “campers” as the week progresses.  Two more days.  We have been well served by those who are serving during these days.  That has included those who directly work with the children, and also those who make food, pray, prepare decoration and a thousand other little details that make this work.  THANK YOU!!

VBS begins – MONDAY, August 10th

My wife,  Jill, and I are involved in a Vacation Bible School this week.  One camper thought this was going to be  full week of camping, and not just a few hours a day.  She enjoyed the few hours and plans on being back tomorrow.  Others to meet new friends!  So, the first day and 10 campers – we expect more tomorrow!

We tried out fishing (with licorice, a bread stick, gummy worm and fish cookie) and building a framed Bible verse. 


Fishing VBS 2009

Bible verse VBS 2009

Power point

I had great fun today.  On a usual Saturday before I preach I take my sermon notes and prepare a computer presentation.  For each sermon series I start with a template first slide.  The rest are usually simple outlines of the points of the sermon.

Today I tried a little something new.  With custom animation and slide transitions hopefully the graphics will make a point that complements my sermon. 

Which makes the point that people learn in many different.  And to set things up so that learning styles can be accommodated is important in any generation.  So, come tomorrow morning, you might want to come if you are in the area.  11:00 at the Kindersley Alliance Church we’ll venture into Psalm 103!

At the store

As we wandered through the store, seeking chicken, amazingly . . .

Sounds like the beginning of a great story.  But, it’s the normal happening in a small town.  Tonight we headed to the store to pick up a bargain in the freezer section. 

As we began to circulate the aisles we first came across one, then another.  They were people we have been acquainted with for some time, but haven’t seen in a while.  We talked of shingles, karaoke music and schooling. 

Then, we parted ways at the cashier aisles.   And on the way out I thought to myself – God has a sense of humor.  How often do we plan great plans to keep in contact with people when all we may need to do is fulfil our regular activities?!!

Six O’clock Walk

A friend of ours – his father passed away at 6:00 tonight.  We visited with him and his family shortly thereafter.

It’s just a block’s walk.  The death had been expected for a few days.  The illness had been seen for a few years.  The end of a life-time.  I prayed and we exited to leave the family to themselves.  For a few hours.  Then the preparations will become a part of their hours.  Until a funeral takes place.  The closure will be final – only one life to live!

May God grant grace and strength.

As we walked home we met another friend along with his mother.  His life is also in turmoil.  We chatted and I’ve got a call to call him in the next day or so.  We’ll talk and see where God is heading him.

This afternoon I talked to a “twice-dead” man.  He is a miracle walking!  A few weeks ago a casket looked imminent.  Only God – that’s what he says!

This morning was filled with children – a vacation Bible school program.  There’s is a life-time yet to be fulfilled.  May God give to them a life of love, joy and peace.

May you see life in it’s many facets and faces and see God in it all!

Where we were

Below is a picture of inauguration (1962) of the cabin area we holidayed in.  Bernie Palmer wrote at least a hundred books during his living years.  Some may have heard of the Danny Orlis series.  Most of Bernie’s books were conceived, written and finished up at Dore Lake in Northern Saskatchewan. 

This inspired me enough to write my own book (short story, actually) while we were there.  About Josiah and Jeremiah, two Old Testament characters put into modern day setting.  One of these I hope to edit and distribute the story.  Lot’s of fun to work on this!!

camp carmel sign 2009

Home Again

Two weeks away from the blog – feels like a snow storm passed by and the roads were impassable.  You enjoy the solitude but you’re ready for your return to the usual.

We enjoyed 10 days at a beautiful cabin in Northern Saskatchewan.   Here’s one of the pictures taken while at  the lake.  I’ve never seen a mushroom quite like this!!

mushroom at Dore 2009

After the lake, we spent a few hours at home (washing clothes and preparing for a trip to Saskatoon).  This past weekend I performed a wedding for a 77 year old we have known for years.  Her groom was 92.  What fun!

At home today I cleaned up a few things and now am resting.  Tomorrow is back to work.  We’re looking forward to a Vacation Bible School beginning next week.  Still a few things to prepare, but life is good.