There is a social phenomenon that urban centres miss.  In a high density area, the people must work with structure and procedures.  Paperwork is essential so that you do not get “lost in the cracks.”  Computer database programs help to track people and make sure programs are delivered to the right recipient.

Come to Kindersley!  Recently the Post Office had a new paperwork trail to be sure that only authorized people pick up mail.  I understand legal issues with divorces and separations and a myriad of other permutations.

Having said that, a small town is often aware of the implications of social interactions between people, and staff at a place such as the post office could easily divert touchy situations before paperwork even gets done.  OK, maybe that’s a bit ideal, but I think small town people think they have their fingers on the pulse of things.

A prime example.  After my dad’s funeral someone found that they had not placed their card at the guest book table.  They apparently purchased a stamp and sent the card to us.  The card arrived today – Tuesday – one business day later.  Here is the sum of the address:

Baker families

c/o Ron Baker

Alliance Church

That’s it.  No street address or post box.  No town or postal code. 

And today it arrived in the mailbox.  Some days you have to love small towns!!