I was out of the house by 9:15 this morning.  My civic duty was calling.  I was to be a judge at our annual Goose Festival parade.  The day was beautiful – a little breeze and some cloud cover on a seemingly summery day.  Shortly after 10:00 the judges paired into teams to check out the 70 some entries.  Marcia and I wandered up and down, judging various categories (subjective criteria for judging – we made it up as we went along!!).  In a small town you can show up in a tractor, or put a poster board on a golf cart and you end up with a reasonable entry.  The line up went for blocks – the marching band was close to the front and the fire trucks at the back.  And the town was out in droves!

Goose fest parade band 2009

Goose fest parade tractors 2009

 Goose fest parade cadets 2009

Goose fest parade fire trucks 2009