We had to turn on our furnace today.  The winds are blowing and the mercury on our thermometer is going lower each night.  

After a bit of anxiety over a problem that I encountered, I returned to a “fix” we had paid for a year or so ago.  Looking back over the past helps us for the future winter.  With that fix in hand, I’m glad to forecast that things will continue to get colder.  I think I’m fairly safe in that prophecy.

Now, the past often needs to be consulted to form a usual result for the future.  Sometimes the past must be overlooked to obtain a “new” result.

I was reading in the Worship Leader magazine a quote that was tucked in the midst of a review of a new CD – “Leeland – Love Is on the Move.”  Here is the quote found on page 56 of Worship Leader for September 2009:

However, here is the significance of this release:  If you want to know what congregational worship is leaning toward next decade listen to Love Is on the Move.  It won’t change overnight, but as the Millennals begin to overpower the Boomers and the X-ers in sanctuaries across the country sing-along songs will trend toward concert cuts.

I thought we had fought this fight before.  Will contemporary Christian Music soon go the way of the Church Choir?  When Church Choirs began to present more and more special music in church services, and congregants did not have to participate, or when they were asked to participate the music was too difficult, we became spectator churches.  The Worship renewal in the last few years was about participation.   And the usual church choir disappeared in many churches.  Is the death knell for Worship Bands being sounded?  What would replace the Worship Band?

Or, is there a “new” result that should replace our current definition of worship?